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A Beautiful, Mystical Threshold

"Death is the gate of life." -- St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Welcome to the official website of Walking the Twilight Path. This site is intended to supplement my book and give avid students of the Twilight Path additional resources. The materials on this site are intended to supplement the exercises, rituals, and meditations that you can find in Walking the Twilight Path. The purpose of both the book and this site is to help people become more in tune with the concept of death as change, to draw those potent and transformational energies into their lives in a positive way, and to learn how to reach out across the Veil to communicate with spirits as helpers, guardians, and teachers.

Site navigation is on your left, and you can find the book Walking the Twilight Path for sale at any major bookstore as well as through This site has just been launched, and at the moment it is still growing. As you can see by looking around, we plan on expanding things into some interesting directions. Be sure to check back periodically for new content.

-- Michelle


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